About Bluegrass Belts

Inspired by spirited days at the horse track and laid-back afternoons at the farm, Bluegrass Belts accessories are an ode to Kentucky's classic equestrian lifestyle. Since 2012, Bluegrass Belts has combined skilled craftsmanship with the traditions of Kentucky to create a line of premium bridle leather accessories.

Each Bluegrass Belts accessory, from the horse bit bracelet to the hoof pick belt, imbues Kentucky's equestrian traditions. The classic designs transition from sporting adventures on the polo field, golf course, and shooting range to everyday outings and special occasions. Rich bridle leather hues and elegant engraving options pair well for a piece that stands the test of a well-enjoyed lifestyle. Bluegrass Belts can be purchased on our website or at boutiques throughout the Southeast.

We look forward to seeing you at the races!

~ The Premium Name Plate Belt ~
~ The Official Belt of the 2015 Breeders' Cup ~
Locations: Kentucky & Georgia
Founded: 2012


We strive to answer each phone call or respond within in 24 hours.
All goods are purchased in compliance with ethical and humane farming regulations certified by the United States Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS). We do not buy our leather from unregistered traders and do not import from China, taking extra care to adhere to regulations to ensure that we are consistent in our commitment to quality.