Why Premium?

Why Bluegrass Belts?

Bluegrass Belts promises to deliver the highest quality product available on the market. We never take short cuts, always inspect every product and only deliver to our customers products we can all take pride in. Please don't be shy, ask us any questions as we are always happy to assist customers with any aspect of their purchase. 


Saddle Quality Bridle Leather

All Brass Hardware

Brass and Harness Silver Nameplates

Machine Milled Plates Create High Quality Engravings

Highest Quality Standards

Handmade In Kentucky



If you can dream it, we can engrave it. High detail graphics and complicated logos can be easily digitized and engraved on to our plates. We engrave 100% brass plates and a special silver alloy called Harness Silver that contains actual Silver. All plates are hand cut down to size from larger sheets, machine milled and then hand polished for an incredible shine. We suggest polishing your plate with never dull to keep it looking fresh.