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How Are Bluegrass Belts Designed? From the Hoof Pick Belt to the Equis Belt...


Inspired by horse races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Breeder’s Cup, we started by creating a belt that anyone, equestrian aficionado or not, could enjoy. The hoof pick belt has been around for a while but our belt has a unique ability to tuck the end behind the pick. 

All of our belts are made with Bridle Leather which refers to the way that the piece of leather (in our belts cowhide) is finished at the tannery. Creating this leather is a very labor intensive process, making these belts unique since all of them are handmade. Not only is the quality of leather so crucial, but also the cut of the leather makes these belts one of a kind.

Our belts take two weeks to make because of their high quality and the personal detail put into each and every one of them. If you are also getting a brass plate attached to your belt, this lengthens the process because the plate must also be customized.

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