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Men's Easter Basket Gift Guide

Men's Easter Basket Gift Guide

Men are so hard to shop for! We wanted to make it easy for you to give good gifts to the men in your life! This gift guide is great for year round gift-giving, but is especially great for Easter baskets.

Mint Julep Cup: As you probably know, the mint julep is the signature drink of the Derby. Our pewter mint julep cups are a unique addition to any gift set, and perfect for this time of year! With this traditional julep cup, include a mint julep recipe

Shell Pouch: For the hunter in your life, grab our shell pouch! Hand made on an Amish farm in Ohio, these pouches fit two boxes of shotgun shells to make your text hunt easy breezy!

Leash and Collar Set: Does your man have a furry best friend? He needs our leather leash and collar set! Engrave the name plate on the collar with your dog’s name and your phone number. You can count on this set to be extremely durable.

Sunglasses Strap: A day on the beach fishing in the ocean has led to lost sunglasses more time than we can count. Keep your sunglasses with this customizable sunglasses strap.. 

Bag Tag: A bag tag is a traveling essential. Never be stuck clueless at baggage claim again. The uniqueness of this tag will make your travel day seamless

Coasters: Need we say more? Coasters are always a must, and these leather coasters will add character to any coffee table. The perfect resting place for that end of day scotch.